1.  Complimentary Phone Call Consultation (up to 1 hour): Call 403-815-1482 and we can discuss your needs and our process/solutions. Take your time, check out a few of my designs, and contact the owners to get their opinion. 

2.  B2B Contract Agreement & Website Project Overview (2 hours): If our website services are a best fit for both parties, we can move forward with a signed contract setting out the terms of our business relationship (fees, timing, project parameters, etc).

The Project Overview explores your website needs and reviews the teamwork that will be required by both parties to complete your business website. We know business owners may be short on time and knowledge of what should go into their own website or even how websites evolve. That’s why we have created a template which you will participate in and share in the process of creating your business website on paper and tracking where we are in the process.

3.  Mockup(s): We offer mockups for your feedback (may take several versions). The key to the development of successful websites is teamwork. The more content you provide, the less hours we need to charge. By the nature of the creative process we have developed, this may take a month or two however it is time well worth investing.

4.  Online Presence: Final version to go online. Know that it may take one to two weeks to get activated by the search engines.

5.  Testing: Up to two weeks testing online may be required to clear up issues, functionality, and generate traffic.

 “Good design is obvious; great design is transparent” Joe Sparano